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September 11, 2002

Introducing Sr. Serrano

Danson Seed Company, Inc. announces the commercial release of Sr. Serrano. Sr. Serrano represents a new milestone in the development of more user friendly serrano hybrids. Sr. Serrano provides the grower with an early maturing large fruited variety (3.75"- 4.0" x 0.5") that has both a concentrated set and the ability to continuously set fruit. It has a deep green color coupled with excellent heat and flavor. It has a compact plant with flexible branches which allow for rapid and low cost harvest without destroying the plant. The fruiting cycle between harvests has been shortened to provide more timely yields. These characteristics should make Sr. Serrano a useful tool for serrano growers looking to lower production costs and increase their flexibility to service fresh market needs. Sr. Serrano complements Danson's current lineup of application specific serranos: Don Serrano for processing applications and mechanical harvest, and Serrano 3036 for long shelf life fresh market or processing uses for either mechanical or hand harvest.

November 12 2001

An Early Short Day Tomato Variety

Danson 435 adds a dynamic new product to the very early planting slot that has transplants going into the field during the short days of winter under cold and cool conditions. 435 is a determinate ESL variety that can produce volume in the very early slot. It is a very firm tomato that is flattened globe. It produces good size. It fits in the same slot as Merced and produces much better fruit quality


May 11 2001

Danson Seed Company Web Site debuts


Zucchini program enters product development phase. 

Our zucchini program has entered the field testing stage with a variety of new multiple virus and powdery mildew tolerant hybrids.  The program includes the following fruit types:

Dark Green
Light Green
Yellow crookneck

Facuse (Snake Melon)

Our facuse program has entered field testing stage with hybrid white and green types for both fresh market and processing applications.


Bell Pepper and Lamuyo programs enter product development phase.

Our bell pepper program is working on green to red and green to yellow blocky bells for both open field and greenhouse applications.  We are  developing green to red and green to yellow lamuyos for open field and greenhouse uses.  The project also includes development of varieties designed for mechanical harvest for processing applications.

Paprika and dehydration chilli programs are  developing a wide range of new hybrids to deliver higher yields, improved disease resistance, earlier maturities, increased solids, and easier harvesting by machine or by hand.

Tomato Program starts field tests

The tomato program has entered field test evaluations for long shelf life versions of indeterminate cluster, indeterminate beefsteak, indeterminate roma, indeterminate grape cherry, indeterminate round cherry, indeterminate cocktail, tomatoes.  Field testing will begin in November for TYLCV tolerant dual purpose processing tomato.